Why I Fly Fixed-wing Models Rather Than Multi-rotor Copters

Just My Opinion

I was speaking to a friend recently about the decline in fixed-wing model flying. It seems everyone is turning to flying multi-rotor copters. As we were talking, it occurred to me that it came down to one word: skill. It is simply more difficult to fly a fixed-wing model. I like the difficulty and practice it takes to master the skill of flying. There are also more things you can do with a fixed-wing model. For instance, there is pattern flying and combat not to mention a variety of fun fly events. There is pylon racing for multi-rotor copters but I maintain pylon racing for fixed-wing models demands a higher skill level and mastery of flying. I am speaking from some limited experience in flying multi-rotor copters. I do own one but do not fly it much because compared to flying a fixed-wing model there is very little challenge. I invite anyone who flys a multi-rotor copter to fly a fixed-wing model. You will notice immediately what I say is correct. So, in conclusion, give fixed-wing flying a try and you will get a thrill that is only surpassed by flying the real thing. Just one man’s opinion.

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