Why Should I Join Elkhart Flight Masters?

We are an active club that maintains a beautiful flying field just minutes East of Elkhart. We offer help and training to modelers in the area in an effort to build our sport. Join a great bunch of folks and see how much fun we have.

Do you provide free training?

Yes, we Provide free training with experienced instructors using our club trainer or a flight simulator.

Do I need to be an AMA member to join?

Yes, you need to have a current AMA membership to maintain club membership.

Why Join the AMA?

The AMA is the national model association that represents modelers in congress. They assure that our voices are heard when it comes to passing legislation that effects our sport. They provide each member liability insurance in the case of an injury or property loss. Your homeowners will not do that. The AMA also maintains the national model museum and a fantastic flying field where the nationals are held every year; right here in Indiana.

Do you have activities?

Of course! We have scheduled activities for flyers of any skill level throughout the flying season. Click here for calendar.

How do I join?

Click the link for the club application below. If you are not a member of the AMA, click the AMA icon.


Click here for club application