Ultra simple A-class combat plane that is also RCCA SSC legal. The Gnat is the plane the club has chosen to build for 2109. Mainly because there were 2 or 3 guys that had one already and they are an easy great flying plane. This plane will be used for combat and pylon events. Get one at any club meeting. Many members have theirs already. There is no cost to you or the club. I am providing the materials and Mike A. is constructing ARF kits for the membership. All you need is receiver, .15 sized engine, servos, etc. Everyone seems to be putting .15 glow engines in it. This plane is easy to build and fly. It is almost indestructible. Uses aluminum "U" channel fuselage and all 4mm Coroplast. Three channels (Ailerons, Elevator, and Throttle). Come back for build video where Mike will show us how easy it is to build. Thanks Mike!